Comparison Between Legit and Fake 100% Tom and Jerry Bearbrick.

How to legit check Tom and Jerry 100% Bearbrick.
如何分辨真假的貓和老鼠 100% Bearbrick ?

I believe that you guys who is looking at this particular blog post, is looking to know more about Bearbrick which is a series of collection produce by Medicom Toy. Recently, the bearbrick market is starting to flood with a series of counterfeit / knock off item. In addition, these counterfeit products is being publish and sell in various platform with a sweet slightly under market price of a genuine product. This gives collector a feel that they had secure a good deal. In the meanwhile, the seller will push the buyer to transfer the funds immediately; by telling them that there's other potential buyer that wanted to purchase the particular item at the same time. Therefore, this forces buyer to make transfer before taking the extra precaution steps to check on the product authenticity. 

In here, we will demonstrate side by side the difference between a genuine and counterfeit Tom and Jerry 100% Bearbrick. This is to avoid more and more collectors from falling into the trap of getting a fake ones. 


我相信在觀看的各位都是對Medicom Toy 所出Bearbrick 系列的產品很感興趣。

在此就是我們的一個客人買到的高仿 Tom & Jerry 的 100% Bearbrick。 我們會進行每一個角度的對比,給大家提供分辨真假的知識,以防更多受害者落入陷阱。 

1.First of all, we can focus on Tom's pair of ears. On the imitation bearbrick, we can see that there's a major misprint on the part which connect the ear and the head. The imitation appears to be partially transparent rather than a grey colour printing as part of tom's ears.

1. 首先可以將目光投射到Tom的耳朵, 在仿製品的耳朵上 有稍微的色差並且有一部分貼著耳朵的深灰色是沒有被打印上去的。


2.Later on, we can see that the overall printing on the unauthorised bearbrick is kind of dull, uneven and lack of glossiness on some places. This also include the lack of attentiveness to the printing details that result to a less sharp resolution and some over the boarder printing.

2. 然後我們可以看看整體的顏色都會是比正品的來的黯淡無光一些。包括打印的細節也會比較毛躁缺乏精確度。


3.Next, we can see that the printing on Tom's paws had been brought slightly higher as compare to the authentic ones. In addition, the printing of the feet in white had been raised to the calf of Tom's leg for the imitation ones.

3.第三點我們可以仔細觀察Tom 的爪被印在了稍微離底部高一點的位置。然後白色的位置也有點打印出界的現象。

4. On the back, we can see that there's an obvious factor which is missing on Tom's pair of ears. The difference is which one of it is partially filled with colour and transparent on the other. This is actually seems like part of a misprint on the unauthorised bearbrick.



5.On the contrary, we can see that there's a difference in the printing regarding to the year of the license. One of it which is (S19) and (S21) on the back of Tom's Leg. 

5.在打印版權的年份字體上,也可以看出有錯誤的字體例如(S19)和 (S21)。

6. From the side, it is noticeable that the printed fur on Tom's sleeve and calves is less organised and rough on the imitation bearbrick. On top of that, the moustache on Tom's face is also simple straight which brings a lack of fun animation feeling for Tom's character.



7. Looking deep into the dismantle bearbrick, we can spot that the internal stem of Tom's head is filled with colour; as compare to the authentic bearbrick, which is transparent based. * A small tips for our readers; so basically, if there's element of transparent on the bearbrick head. Then, there's a high possibility that the stem of the bearbrick head will be transparent as well. 



8. Aside from the printing error, the imitation bearbrick also have a less dynamic body shape as compare to the authentic ones.

8.撇開印刷技術, (仿製品)Tom 的身體曲線幅度也是稍微能看出來比較達不到原廠的角度曲線和飽和度。


9. Particularly, the difference in the colour selection is also one of the key identifying factors of bearbrick authenticity. It actually doesn't have that vibrant and glossy colour coat overall on the bearbrick.



10. In details, we can see that the counterfeit Jerry comes in a different height as compare to the legit ones. As the matter of fact, even though all 100% is known to be measure at 70MM in height; but Medicom Toy had some of the design to be produce at around 67 / 68 MM. Taking this as an example, the official version of Jerry is to be made a little shorter than Tom. This is to reflect the different in size of the character in the original cartoon animation.  On the same token, it does also shows the precision and attentiveness to details that Medicom Toy had put into producing their products.

10. 在(仿製品)的Jerry 身上,我們首先可以看出有少許存在的身高差。題外話,Bearbrick 其實一向來都會有在製造不同高度的100%。雖然是同樣的100% 但有些就是 70MM 有些就會是67/68MM 左右那樣根據不同的系列去打造。所以這是不能拿來分辨真假的一個判斷。 就例如原廠設計的這個Tom and Jerry, Tom 能看出來就是稍微高一點的然後Jerry 會比較矮。這就能反射出在卡通世界裡一大一小的設定。也能體現出Medicom Toy 在製造產品當中的細節把控和精益求精的態度。


11. Similar to Tom previous mistake, the indication of the license year had been printed wrongly. It is also important to realised that, there's production marks on Jerry's elbow and ankle which is left by the moulding process (I guess so). With this in mind, even if they are going to manufacture various type of 100% bearbrick in the future; this will be a significant indicator to identify the imitation bearbrick in the market. 

11.雷同和之前在Tom 的版權打印年份字體上,也可以看到有明顯錯誤的字體。續上
,如果大家有注意的話可以看出在仿製品的Bearbrick 手臂和腳根上會有模具留下來的痕跡。這一點可以拿來分辨以後其他的仿製品,畢竟應該都是出自同一個模具然後,只是打印出不同的畫面,造成不一樣的Bearbrick。


12. By all means, this refer to the different in height that had been mention in the above point NO.10. The different in heights is particular mainly focus on the length of their legs. 



13. With regards to the boxes, it is still the different in the colour tone of the printings. It appears to be less dynamic, dull and darker colour tone on the counterfeit boxes. Be that as it may, the boxes is actually harder to identify, if you are not comparing side by side. 



14. Of course nothing can be perfect, there is also a slight difference in the type of font used on the warning terms. 

Generally speaking, the counterfeit actually had almost all the characteristic of a bearbrick. As they had already met at around 85% of similarities compare to the authentic ones. It's just left with the difference of the detailing on the bearbrick.

Just incase most of them is usually sold as a sealed condition that does not allow buyer to open and check on the bearbrick. 

What i would say is that a good deal is not usually a good deal. To be honest, I would rather suggest reader to cop at a slightly expensive prices rather than buying low with a chance of getting a counterfeit products. 

All in all, do let us know that what you want to see us publishing more in the future. Feel free to drop us your taught at the comment section, e-mail, Whatsapp or even DM us in our Instagram.








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